Download the Functional and safety guide for BMS assessment and certification

Are you designing, developing or using a Battery Management System (BMS)?
Discover the first technical guide exclusive to these solutions now.


Our operational safety experts bring you a set of recommendations allowing you to certify the safety of your BMS at each development stage:

  • Preliminary risk assessments
  • Operational specifications and designation of safety levels (SIL or ASIL)
  • Defining the architecture
  • Designing the system
  • Performance, endurance and validation tests
  • User information (web-developer, installer, maintenance operator...)


Based on the IEC61508 standard and battery safety reference texts, this guide is a true point of reference which applies to associated systems, hardware and software:

  • Stationary batteries (back-up, smart grids, local energy storage, green buildings, etc.)
  • Batteries for embedded applications (electric vehicles, locomotives, aeroplanes, submarines, etc.)


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